Soot Mapping

After a fire, microscopic soot particles can often travel farther than visible soot. At least one surface “reference sample” of the soot produced at or near the origin of the fire is taken for microscopic comparison purposes. Surface and/or wall cavity samples are taken from areas away from the source.

Analysis can be performed on-site using a mobile lab in rotation with field work. Sets of samples will be taken and analyzed, radiating away from the source, until the extent of soot contamination is determined. Traditionally, soot mapping is done by sampling throughout an area and sending samples to an offsite lab. Analyzing on site allows us to create a more detailed scope of work, since we can continuously narrow down the extent of soot contamination, in addition to providing much faster results.

Using the on-site lab results combined with the inspector’s field observations, Techtron will prepare a thorough scope of work to remediate the soot damage.