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Techtron Engineering provides a wide variety of products and services. Some commonly asked questions are below. Please feel free to contact us at (763) 712-9502 with any further questions.
Yes, our teams are available to work with homeowners and contractors.
Yes! We test private and municipal water for compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. Our laboratory is accredited by the Minnesota Department of Health Safe Drinking Water Program.
Yes! Please see our Laboratory Services page for more information.
Yes, they includes asbestos and other hazardous material identification (i.e. chemicals, mercury switches, etc). Also, lead testing of any peeling paint surfaces is included upon request.
Evaluate your home for the source of the smell, clean home, and use a dehumidifier. If your issue continues, contact us for a mold inspection.
For a typical home, we perform a visual inspection, sample the air on each as well as outdoors for reference, and collect tape lift samples of any sign of staining or mold growth. Non-intrusive wall cavity samples can also be taken. We can measure moisture readings of walls or floors. A report will be issued with the lab results and recommendations for remediation.
After remediation is completed, air samples are taken to determine if the remediation was successful. We do not do any other testing or inspections at that time. A report will be issued with the lab results.
You cannot smell, see or sense radon gas, only testing will tell you. We provide radon testing measurement, which determines the level of radon gas in your home.
What is normal for one person isn’t for another. Jossam allows you to determine what is in your air and what you want the level to be at. Individuals with the help of their physician can evaluate what affects them the most. Keep in mind that there are no government-regulated levels established (with the exception of carcinogenic fibers) for many particulates in the air. Please refer to the US Environmental Protection Agency website for further information regarding indoor air quality:

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